Upendra's Kalpana Movie Review

Cast – Upendra, Lakshmi Rai, Saikumar, Umasri, Shruthi, Achyuthkumar and others.
Cinematography – Selvaraj
Music – V Harikrishna
Producer - Ram Narayan
Director – Ram Narayan


It is a revenge saga of a ghost made in Tamil as ‘Kanchana’ by Lawerence. In this remake version in Kannada director of 125 films Ramnarayan has made with popular Kannada actors.The film focus on the eunuch in the society should get right share to live. One of the eunuchs (Mangalamukhi) Saikumar, his Godfather Akbar (Bobby George) and his son are killed for the sake of acquiring the property by Shobaraj and two others.

All the three murdered are buried in one particular place. When Raghav (Upendra) install the cricket stumps the terror breaks out. Out of fear Raghav and friends reach their houses. In the house of Raghav the blood soaked cricket stumps are placed. The ghost of Saikumar reach inside Raghav and hell breaks out.

The family members of Raghav – his mother Umasri, Brother Achyuth Kumar and sister in law Shruthi all face the impact of ghost on Raghav. Finally Raghav is brought to Dargah to dispel the witch effect. The ghost is locked in a box and that is thrown in the sea.A sacred locket and thread is given to the right hand of Raghav so that the witch effect is stopped. The ghost shows its devil height in taking revenge. Raghav finally build a college in the same place meant for eunuch Kalpana.


For Kannada audience there are some situations that are very loud.  In Kannada ‘Naa Ninna Bidalaare’ of versatile actor Ananthnag and Lakshmi is made in a controlled style. This ‘Kalpana’ is in high speed and high terror breaking out post interval.There is enough of struggle in the making of this kind of film ‘Kalpana’ agreed. 125 films director Ramnarayan deserves full praise for his effort and technical knowledge shown on silver screen.

The loudness is what disturbing to the nerves. The graphic effects and background score stuns the audience in the theatre. At the outset it is a revenge saga in the favorite style of Ramnarayan. He is known for showcasing God and Ghost in his many films.

With popular stars making this film Ramnarayan gets full credit. The loudness he has thought of has come. Super star Upendr as we all know is a terror in acting and dialogue delivery adjustment he has made to this kind of cinema is superb. The film progresses fast in the second half. The surprises are more for the audience in the second half.

The issue of Good winning always against bad is like a strong constitutional Act in Indian cinema. The first preparation for audience mind is this factor. When he is invited to the theatre with this kind of cinema how the devil power ends is only challenging aspect of any maker. In that way Ramnarayan has taken the help of technical knowhow.

In the editing department director Ramnarayan could have avoided many scenes in the first half. As a matter of fact there is no need for the heroine Lakshmi Rai portions in the film. He should have exercised control in Umasri and Shruthi acting especially just before the interval. After the interval the unpleasant dance on the beach side shocks the soft hearts.


Upendra from the days of ‘A’ has liking to this kind of variety in the role. He is a fantastic performer. He has given his best. The recent film ‘Arakshaka’ was also terrific like this with confused screenplay. Upendra previously in ‘Super’ has increased the knowledge of the audience in thinking how India should be in 2030.

When he is working under another director he does not seems to poke his nose. For the Kannada audience he should have known so much of horrifying moments were not required. In the first half the developments are sickening and it does not move convincingly. Of course he has variety to perform in this film.

Saikumar as eunuch does not suit precisely. In the walking style Upendra out beats Saikumar. Umasri national award winning actress and Shruthi another towering actress of Kannada cinema have taken pains but they have exceeded in acting. Satyajith in Dargah, Achyutkumar as timid husband, Shobaraj as villain have done their roles very well.


‘Kalpana’ is in the higher end in technique wise. The graphics, background score and cinematography are superb. Selvaraj camera placement deserves full marks to give the effects.V Harikrishna one song Baayi andre Bombada….is peppy number. The last song on the beach side is ferocious. Dwarki Raghv dialogues are not up to the mark.

Final Word: Kalpana is engaging and entertaining

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